Message from Former Chairman

Dr. Har Parkash Sharma

Birds Eye View

Dear Doctors

I welcome you to this newly created website of our Council of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Haryana. It was the earnest desire of our Hon’ble Health Minister that all registration record and all works related to the Council be digitalized and be on line. Somebody has nicely said that :

Free your mind,
Spread your wings fly high up,
Sky is the limit, Dream big and fulfill it.

Friends, our this dream is fulfilled and is now ready to serve you in all respects. This website is a multipurpose and it contains Names, Registration Numbers, addresses etc. of all the Homoeopaths registered with this Council online. Payments, up gradation of qualifications can be added, Blog of Doctors, News, Articles and much more.

Friends, I am thankful to my colleagues Dr. Umesh Kant Khanna, Dr. Nirmal Tej Singh, Dr. Manphool Dhiman, Dr. Brahm Prakash Yadav, Dr. Ashok Verma, Dr. Arvind Sood, Dr. Harshwardhan Sharma, Dr. Vivek Lalit, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Dr. Surender Kumar, Office Deputy Superintendent Sh. Bikram Singh and Ms. Pooja Thakur, Data Entry Operator for their expert guidance, cooperation with which we have achieved excellence of this website.

We are what we repeatedly do,
Excellence, thus is not an act,
But a habit.

Thank you friends, Hope you will be benefitted with this website and there is lot of space for more betterment as required from time to time.